Sod Installation

Sod Install Services, DP Landscaping Clovis

Sod Install Services at DP Landscaping Clovis

Here at DP Landscaping Clovis, our expertise in sod installation allows us to transform your outside spaces into vibrant, lush lawns. Our comprehensive sod installation services are customized to meet the specific needs of your landscaping and provide a magnificent, lush lawn that improves the curb appeal of your home.

Sod Selection Guide

Choosing the Right Sod for Your Landscape

Your choice of sod will have a big impact on the appearance and durability of your landscape. With the help of our sod selection guide, you can choose the best choice for your particular landscaping needs.

Climate Adaptability

We take great care to select varieties of sod that are best suited to Clovis’s climate, ensuring their growth and adaptation to the local climate.

Soil Compatibility

Our crew chooses a sod variety that will take root well and remain healthy over time after evaluating the type and condition of your soil.

Usage and Aesthetics

Whether your main concern is long-term durability for high-traffic areas or eye-catching appeal for beautiful lawns, we help you choose the sod type that best meets your functional and aesthetic objectives.

Sod Installation, Ready for installing, DP Landscaping Clovis

Preparation and Installation Process

Laying the Foundation for a Healthy Lawn

The preparation and sod installation are crucial steps to guarantee the establishment and longevity of your new lawn.

Site Preparation

involves clearing the area of any existing plants, rocks, and trash. We next level the land, till the soil, and add organic matter or soil additives to the soil to encourage soil health.

Sod Laying

Our skilled team’s meticulous sod laying guarantees tight seams between rolls and proper alignment. By meticulously trimming around edges, corners, and impediments, we ensure that the finish is uniform and aesthetically pleasing.

Initial Watering and Care

We immediately thoroughly irrigate the entire installation to encourage root establishment. Our personnel will also give you basic maintenance and care instructions for the first few weeks after installation.

Water Conservation Strategies

Promoting Efficient and Sustainable Water Use

After installation, your new sod needs to be established and well cared for in order to maintain its health and beauty.


It’s critical to adhere to the thorough watering schedule we advise for the first several weeks following installation. This necessitates routine watering to keep the sod wet but not soggy.


After the sod has taken root in the ground, which normally takes two to three weeks after installation, it is advisable to wait to mow it for the first time. We recommend mowing at the appropriate height and frequency to promote healthy growth.

Fertilization and Weed Control

We provide guidance on safe and effective methods for controlling weeds and create a fertilizer schedule according to your sod type.

Sod vs. Seeding: Pros and Cons

Making the Right Choice for Your Lawn

The choice between seeding and sod is influenced by several factors, including time, money, and maintenance preferences. To help you make an informed decision, we provide a comprehensive comparison.

Sod Pros

Instant Lawn

Installing sod produces instantaneous green grass, as opposed to planting, which takes time to germinate and flourish.

Erosion Control

On sloping terrain, sod works well because it effectively prevents soil erosion.

Less Initial Maintenance

Compared to seeded lawns, sod requires less initial upkeep since it is less vulnerable to weed invasion and soil erosion.

Seeding Pros


Generally speaking, seeding is more cost-effective than sodding, particularly for bigger areas.

Variety Selection

Seeding gives you even more options for personalizing your lawn by offering a wider variety of grass types.

Deep Root Development

The long-term health of your lawn may benefit from the initially deeper root systems of grass that is grown from seeds.

Eco-Friendly and Drought-Resistant Sod Options

Sustainable Choices for Your Lawn

We provide environmentally sustainable and drought-tolerant sod alternatives that are ideal for low-maintenance landscapes and water conservation as part of our commitment to sustainability.

Water Conservation

These sod varieties were hand-selected for their ability to thrive in low-water situations, meaning that your lawn will use a lot less water.

Reduced Maintenance

For your landscaping, drought-resistant sod often requires less upkeep in the form of frequent fertilizer, mowing, and pest control.

Environmental Benefits

By reducing the need for frequent watering and chemical treatments, eco-friendly sod substitutes contribute to the creation of a more sustainable and healthy environment.

Offering first-rate sod installation services that enhance your landscape’s visual appeal while also promoting sustainability and wellness is something we at DP Landscaping Clovis are really proud of. Our meticulous approach will ensure that your sodded lawn is a source of pleasure and happiness for many years to come. To totally transform your landscape with our expert sod installation services, get in touch with us right now.

Frequently Asked Questions for Sod Install

How do I choose the right type of sod for my lawn?

The answer is that selecting the proper kind of sod is dependent on a number of variables, such as the soil composition, sun exposure, and amount of lawn use in your area. We at DP Landscaping Clovis provide a consultation to evaluate these elements and suggest the ideal kind of sod for your particular requirements. We take into account kinds that are appropriate for the Clovis environment as well as your individual tastes regarding the upkeep and beauty of your lawn.

What is the process for installing new sod?

Our sod installation process includes several key steps:

Site Preparation: First, we level the ground, remove any weeds and rubbish from the area, and, if needed, improve the quality of the soil.

Sod Laying: To provide a uniform appearance, we ensure tight seams and correct alignment when we lay the sod.

Initial Watering: To promote root establishment, we vigorously water the sod as soon as it is installed.

How long does it take for new sod to establish?

The establishment of new sod usually takes two to three weeks. Watering the sod frequently during this period is essential to keeping it moist and encouraging root growth. Depending on the type of sod and local weather, we offer precise watering suggestions. Once the roots are firmly established, you can progressively decrease the frequency of watering.

What maintenance does new sod require after installation?

Post-installation care is critical for the success of your new sod. This includes:

Regular Watering: Watering the sod on a regular basis will help it stay damp but not soggy until it becomes established.

First Mowing: Two to three weeks following installation, or until the sod has firmly taken root, is when the first mow should be performed.

Fertilization: The process of adding fertilizer to sod to supply the essential nutrients for growth once it has taken root.

Are there eco-friendly and drought-resistant sod options available?

Yes, we provide a variety of drought-resistant and environmentally friendly sod alternatives. These types are a sustainable option for your lawn because of their tolerance for dry circumstances and reduced water requirements. They are perfect for maintaining a lush, green lawn while using less water and requiring less care.